The Ajanta Caves are rock-cut cave monuments dating from the 2th century BC. The magnificent Ajanta caves were abandoned around 650 AD and forgotten until 1819, when a British hunting party stumbled upon them. Their isolation contributed to the fine state of preservation in which some of their paintings remain to this day. The well preserved murals depict everything from battlefields to sailing ships, city streets and teeming animal-filled forests to snow-capped mountains. The city of Aurangabad is the gateway to the Ajanta Caves as well as the equally spectacular Ellora Caves.

There are 29 caves which has been built as retreat of the Buddhists monks who performed the rituals and rights in the Chaitanyas and Viaharas which were the ancient learning centers of Buddhists. The saints carved the marvelous pictuires on the walls with the help of hammer and chisel. There are number of caves that explains the stories from Jhatkas- which are better known as tales of several incarnations of Lord Buddha.