Munnar is the most beautiful tourist destination in the entire Kerala which is beautiful situated on the confluence of three main mountain streams. It is the most striking hill station in Kerala and is lovingly identified as the ‘Kashmir of South’ which easily entice the vacationers who visit this state in India. Located at and elevation of 1600 meter above the main sea level truly look like a queen of hills. Endowed with the lush green hills, dense green vegetations, pine and ferns trees and the vast expanse of tea gardens truly make this beautiful hill town a heaven and retreat for the tourists.

Munnar is truly beautiful destination and it seems as this hill town is blessed by the heavenly ambiance of nature and the pleasant climatic conditions seems that God is pouring love and harmony every where in this hill town. The spectrum of tourist destination and attractions which truly leaves the vacationers spell bound on their visit. Green and clean Munnar truly is the wonderful tourist destination which is visited by all the sort of vacationers. The newlywed couples, globe trotters, leisure vacationers and family vacationers every one visit this hill town with mirth and laughter for their delightful vacation.

Munnar Tourist Places Pictures