Visiting Wagah Border is just 30 Kms from Amritsar is a big experience; you have various selection of travel can be in a Bus, Jeep, Taxi or even an auto-rickshaw. Buses are available till Attari Village and one can take a Shared Jeeps, taxi or auto-rickshaw to reach the border. From the drop point we need to walk a small distance less than a Km to reach the ceremony site. The timings be different in summer 4.30 pm and winter 5.30 pm and we need to be there at least 90 mins before the ceremony to get in comfortably because it’s jam packed with national and international tourists almost every day.

BSF (Border Security Force of India) and Pakistani Rangers engage themselves in a splendid retreat ceremony which includes the lowering of the flags and closing the gates of the Border. It’s done very aggressive which pumps the crowd’s emotional patriotic fever and great a scene which gives an excitement much more than any action movieĀ  favorite sport can give us. It is a must see for all of us.

Wagah Border Ceremony Pictures