South India tours are famous for its rich culture, tradition and history, which are well showcased in its ancient temples. Some of the world famous temples in South India include Mahabalipuram, Thirupathi, Kanchipuram, Tanjore, Trichy, Puttaparthi, Guruvayur, Kanyakumari and Chidambaram among others. Rameshwaram, an island in Tamilnadu has a famous temple of Lord Rama, which is considered one of the most sacred pilgrim centres for Hindus.

The best and the easiest way to cover the temples in South India would be to avail the India tour packages. The South Indian Temples stand out for their richness and grandiose, which is well exhibited by the exceptional architectural style developed in Dravida Desom. Most of the temples have ornate towers that are set in a square base and ‘gopurams’. The outer wall encompasses the main shrine along with other smaller shrines. Most of the temples in South India were built during the reigns of the Cholas, the Pandavas and the Vijayanagar rulers, who were great patrons of temple architecture.

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